This modern-day Renaissance man just took things to a new and bizarre level.

He’s a professional wrestler with the WWE, who also happens to be an on-air financial news commentator with Fox Business, and now he’s getting into the herbal sex potion business with his new product ‘Mamajuana Energy’. I kid you not.

John Layfield (aka wrestler JBL), the genius behind it all, calls his newest venture a “sexual potion endurance drink.” He first sampled the drink at some shady bar while on vacation in the Dominican Republic and got hooked on the stuff.

The berry-flavored 2-ounce concoction is a non-alcoholic version of the traditional Dominican recipe. It costs $4.99 for a single bottle, while a six-pack can be purchased for $23.99 on the company’s site. (Also check out the site for a hilarious video of Layfield hawking his wares while obviously struggling to pronounce the product name.)

The original Dominican recipe called for herbs and tree bark to be soaked in rum, but Layfield toiled away ‘in his lab for a year’ to create the current nonalcoholic substitute ingredient list.

The whole idea might seem half-baked and impossible, but Layfield has already produced some results. The Vitamin Shoppe, a health supplement retailer, has started stocking cases of Mamajuana Energy at 340 of its stores. He also has a few big name investors in his corner. Last week’s Biz Babe and genius stock analyst Meredith Whitney is on board. (She also happens to be his wife, though. Is she possibly a ‘big fan’ of the product?)

In today’s New York Times article highlighting this brilliant new business venture, Layfield said:

“Show me an 18-year-old guy who doesn’t want to be a sexual tyrannosaurus.”

What does that even mean? Small arms?

Layfield, once a successful stock market investors, has also written a best-selling book on financail planning titled More Money Now. That experience in the business world seems to have helped him on the marketing side of things. Layfield is being very precise with his marketing tactics. He is careful to distinguish this product as something for users who want to enhance their sex life, rather than those who need to. Young able-bodied men might shy away from sharing shady potions with the likes of Bob Dole and the guy who drives the NASCAR Viagra car.

Has anyone ever seen this on sale somewhere? Let us know in the comments section.

New York Times: Selling Chat on Fox and a Sex-Enhancing Potion on the Side, April 21, 2008