What if you had a week off from marriage to do whatever you wanted, with no consequences? That’s the question posed by the new Farrelly brothers comedy Hall Pass, starring Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis as best buddies with wandering eyes…and Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate as their fed-up wives. While the concept’s a bit daft, even good relationships (before and after marriage) can hit rough patches. And that had us asking questions of our own. Like, would a hall pass actually work? And if not, what do you do when you and your girl really do need a break? Fortunately, we were able to pull Wilson, Sudeikis, and Fischer aside…

MADE MAN: What do you think of the hall pass idea, truly? Is it feasible?
JENNA FISCHER: It’s a horrible idea! It’s a good premise for a film but horrible for your life. Don’t do it!
JASON SUDEIKIS: One problem is that if you’re going to have a hall pass, your wife would want a hall pass too. Then no guy would have a hall pass. You’d say forget it. Because that would get way stickier quicker.
OWEN WILSON: You’re swingers at that point.
JS: It doesn’t have to be a week. It could be four hours. It’s baby steps.

MM: Besides Applebee’s and Olive Garden, where else can you go to meet hot women?
JS: Chuckie Cheese. Ruby Tuesdays!
JF: Bed, Bath & Beyond! For real. There’s a ton of women there. Target! Go where women go. The Mac Cosmetics counter at the mall!
OW: I like that. And Whole Foods is pretty good. Whole Foods is crazy that way.
JF: The slutty women are at Whole Foods!
OW: And Trader Joe’s!
JS: Just remember to bring the deodorant.

MM: What about women, where should they go to pick up dudes?
JS: Strip clubs!
JF: Home Depot!

MM: So for the couples that feel like they want a hall pass, what would you suggest they do?
JS: Stay apart from each other for three days, meet in a bar but dress up as other people and still hit on each other. And if that doesn’t work, then try a hall pass for real.
JF: I think they should take a weekend away where the male friends go off and the female friends go off. Just dudes be dudes, go on a scotch and golf trip, and ladies be ladies, go to the spa and sit by the pool. And then get back together. Doesn’t that sound like a great idea? Just no cheating.

MM: So, would you do this?
JS: Well, I believe in the idea of love and marriage and monogamy. I was happy that the film has a pro-relationship message. Even the commercial for the film alone, probably opens up a unique sofa discussion or pillow talk with couples. “Honey, what would you do if I gave you a hall pass?” And I think it could go either way, either gals or guys might be into doing it. Marriage is in an interesting space, with such a high divorce rate. There’s so much cheating going on, with Tiger Woods, the Internet, the [shirtless-photo-sending congressman] Chris Lees of the world. I liked that this film poses this question.

MM: Who would be your hall pass, celebrity-wise?
JS: 1967 Raquel Welch. If I had a time machine. Nah, who am I kidding? I’d take 1997 Raquel Welch. Make that 2007 Raquel Welch. But not today, though. I’d take Helen Mirren now!
OW: I think it’s more where I would want to go, location-wise.
JF: I’m a newlywed, I don’t want a hall pass right now.
JS: I’d use my hall pass with Jenna’s husband, Lee!
JF: That would be fine, it would work for me!

(Susan L. Hornik is a veteran entertainment journalist based in Los Angeles. And for the record, if both parties agree to it, she totally endorses the hall pass.)