ShortDaBull paid me through Review Me to review their site and fortunately for them I am already a user so I am very familiar with the site. ShortDaBull is a “digg like” site based on the idea that users submit investment related stories and they are voted on. This should result in the “most popular” stories raising to the top. The site is still in beta and is a new site so right now it lacks the quantity of users to make it work perfectly. The other problem is there are a million digg clones out there but fortunately there are not very many stock based sites. I would imagine that this is the reason I’ve been paid to give my opinions of the site. They simply need more users. The positive is this is a chance for investors to build their own community.

If you write informative articles I would think this is a great chance to get it out to others who may not come to your site. I am not going to lie, I use these sites for two reasons. One, to gather info I wouldn’t have found otherwise or in one location. Two, to promote my site. I think this is a “ground floor” opportunity for stock bloggers to do both. Contrary to Howard’s thoughts, I think this can work. It will take a while to build a community and it will be as good as the community that uses it. It couldn’t be any simpler to use and there is always good info, just not enough users yet. They are certainly working hard to make it better every day. They are trying to add RSS feeds to automatically feed in stories for users to vote on. They are also slowly raising the votes needed to make it to the front page. Right now 3 gets you there.

In summary, I am definitely a user of Would I be an investor in the site? Most likely not. They have a tough road ahead but they are certainly working very hard to make this a successful site. I think it would be worth your time to stop by the site, not because they paid me, but because I truly think they are trying hard to create a site of worth that others can benefit from.