Some of you may have noticed from the banner to the left I joined ReviewMe the other day to add some income to the blog. I have a PR5 blog and I’m very opinionated so I figured I’d put them together for a little pocket cash. It’s off to a perfect start because after only a few days I was offered a chance to review a site I already enjoy, The Bull Trader. There are several type of stock market blogs. The “pickem” blogs, the “analyze em” blogs, and the “talk about ’em” blogs. I go to The Bull Trader for the analyzation part of my daily reading but they also offer the pickem and and talk about em parts as well. They do a fantastic job explaining chart setups and stock movement. Look at this chart of JASO

This is the typical analysis you’re going to get with each chart. What I really like about the Bull Trader the stock market charts is they actually give opinions of the stock and where it’s headed vs. many of the other analyzer blogs that just say “based on the chart” it will do this or that. If I wanted a computerized analysis I would just buy an stock analysis program.

I also read TBT for their stock picks. I am smart enough to do my own research but it’s nice to hear stocks other people like to give me some good leads. Speaking of leads, about once a week they put up some “momentum” plays they’ve chosen through their own computer analysis. If I were to give one criticism it would be I would like to see more posts. If you enjoy a blog, you want to go back each day for info. When you back that day and there’s nothing new it gets disappointing. Fill in those gap days and you have a site that should be part of you’re daily reads. Thanks again to The Bull Trader for the chance to review and thanks in advance to all my readers for giving them a visit.

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