Mother’s Day is on the way, and that means you’ve gotta do something special for the woman who brought you into this world. This year, why not keep it simple? Spend a little time with mom and cook her a nice meal. I’m a big fan of steaks. You may think of them as something for your buddies, but you can make her a great steak dinner on the grill that she’ll remember all year. Here’s how.

Opt for a filet mignon center cut,
one of the most popular steaks amongst women. This is a buttery cut with a smooth taste and low fat content.

Get the Best Cut
The perfect steak dinner begins with the perfect cut of beef. For mom, how about something a little healthier? I’d opt for a filet mignon center cut, one of the most popular steaks amongst women. This is a buttery cut with a smooth taste and low fat content. Look for a nice vibrant cherry red color. The cut should be firm to the touch and not have any smell to it. Ask for filets between one and one-and-a-half inches thick.

Begin with Veggies
A great way to start the meal is with a Gigi salad. This is a unique salad and she’s going to be surprised when you pull it out. The shrimp is a great pair with the filet, along with some chopped bacon. Toss the salad with your hands to make sure everything gets mixed well. A simple vinaigrette oil and a touch of kosher salt is all you need to make the flavors pop.

As far as a side goes, stick with a simple vegetable. I’d recommend sautéed asparagus, cooked right on the same grill as the steak. Coat it in a little garlic and oil. There’s no need for a starch.

Grill Right
Do all your vegetable prep work before mom shows up. There’s not going to be a lot, but if you get it done before she arrives, that’s a lot more time that you have to spend with her.

Shrimp. Bacon. A bit of lettuce. This is one salad we can endorse.

Before you start cooking, leave the meat out for about 15 to 20 minutes at room temperature. When you put the cut directly on the grill from the fridge, it’s going to cool down your grill and take longer to cook. Brush your filet with a little olive oil and sprinkle it with kosher salt. Let it rest for a minute and soak into the steak.

Now, the weather is nice and you can’t beat the smoky flavor imparted by charcoal, so why not use the outdoor grill for this meal? Over hot coals, grill the filet for about two minutes, then reposition it briefly so that you can get the crisscross grill marks. Other than that, don’t move it. Two minutes on each side will give it a nice char.

At this point, move the filet away from the coals, close the lid and let it cook four minutes on one side. Once it’s done, let it sit for five minutes, brushing it with olive oil to help trap the flavor inside the meat. The natural flavor of the steak will bloom as it sits.

Finish Sweetly
I’m generally a fan of keeping your wine and dessert simple. Red wine is going to go with the steak. Any pinot noir that you would buy for a date works for your dinner with mom. For dessert, forget about baking: head down to the local bakery and pick up some nice chocolate cake or even a lemon sorbet if it’s a hot day.

Cooking for mom says a lot more than anything you can buy her. Remember, what she really wants today is something nice to remember. So go ahead, give her something that’s a lot more meaningful than whatever you can put in a box. Happy Mother’s Day!