One of the greatest places on the web to find sweet deals (you know, besides Made Mail), and definitely the creator of one of the most bad-ass domain names, is

No, they do not have deals on whiskey or other liquors. No, they do not sell military apparel. But they are running quite the tight operation over there, offering marked-down deals for awesome products at an insane pace. Most of the products featured are clothing, but they have also offered deals on shoes, sunglasses, headphones, snowboards, skateboards, and backpacks.

Here’s how it works. Each product is up on the site for sale for a limited time only–until it is sold out. And they sell out quickly, so you’re going to need to keep up. How? Whiskey Militia offers a number of different alerts, from a Firefox plugin, an RSS Feed, or even through Instant Message. Just remember who told you about it in the first place.