What do you get when you take something good, put it on top of something good, and put something good in its hand?  In this case, you get a bunch of super hot broads riding a herd of snarling wolves through the forest while firing machine guns into the air.

Man, I guess if you’ve got to die sometime, this isn’t a bad way to go.  Almost certainly in your final minutes you’d simultaneously fall in love, die of fright, and fight a wild beast – all three of which are hallmarks of a well-lived life.

Another nice thing about these threads is that they take that whole, lame, hipster wolf shirt thing to a new, awesome, .38 caliber level.   It’s cotton, and comes in small-xxxl.  It’s printed on a black American Apparel t-shirt and costs $18 plus shipping. And, for the ultimate meta experience, check out the hot chick below wearing the hot chicks and wolves t-shirt. [Buy it]