Josh York was toiling as personal trainer at a commercial gym in the NYC area… until he turned a client’s lament into a booming business.

One night on the job, a woman he was working with arrived late. “I remember her saying, ‘It would be so much easier if you could just come to me, but I have no equipment,’” he recalls. “I thought to myself, How easy would that be if I could bring equipment to my clients’ homes?”

So York bought a van, stocked it with gym gear and started “delivering” workouts. GYMGUYZ was born.

Since 2008, he has added multiple vans to the fleet and hired dozens of certified trainers—but only after they’ve undergone a 6-week GYMGUYZ training program created by York himself.

“Our goal is to provide clients with the three C’s: convenience, customization and creativity,” York says. “We provide a professional, exceptional experience—a wow experience.”

The result is a client list in the quadruple digits and plans to take the business worldwide. But even if you don’t enlist York’s services, you can still get fit on the go, without a ton of equipment or a gym. Here are his top tips.

1. Get your gear together ahead of time.
If you plan to do a jump rope routine, pack a jump rope. If you need an exercise ball for some daily moves, make room for a deflated one (and a pump) in your suitcase. Or call 855-GYM-GUYZ and inquire about their travel kit: a bag of five resistance bands, a jump rope and a squeeze ball. It’s a simple way to stay on top of your fit game.

2. Put your workout on paper.
This way you won’t have to think about what you want to do on a given day—it’s already planned. Plus, having the written (or printed) words in front of you makes you more accountable for getting stuff done.

3. Use what’s around you.
Make your hotel your gym by doing curls with full water bottles—or milk jugs—and running up and down the steps from the lobby to the tenth floor. “You have to know how to be creative,” notes York. “It’s all about raising and lowering your heart rate. You could do that three times a week for ten to fifteen minutes and burn a lot of fat.”


4. A chair could be your best workout tool.
Stop thinking of it as a place you sit and instead make it the focal point of your routine. There are hundreds of exercises you can do on a chair, York points out. “Think push-ups, dips, reverse planks, even burpees.” (Who doesn’t love burpees, right?)

5. Take advantage of a park.
“There’s so much you can do outside with just a mat and a towel like stretches, core work, even plyometrics.” Many of York’s clients enjoy this approach when they’re on the road. If you’re feeling really ambitious, find monkey bars or a tough-enough branch and knock out some pull-ups and chin-ups.