by TylerV

Back in the golden age of Hollywood, when a new actress emerged in the world of film, you could count on some director wearing a ridiculous beret and poofy pants to say the old cliché: "A star is born!"

Well, stars aren’t always "born." The stars in the parallel universe of pornography, for instance, are usually described as being forced into their occupation, working in a degrading and repetitive business to make ends meet. Then again, isn’t that how most people describe their crappy jobs?

We Chickipedia editors refrain from judging a person by the work that they do (probably because we work at Chickipedia). Instead, we want to spotlight five adult starlettes who are as talented and interesting as they are gorgeous.

5. Nina Hartley

Ms. Hartley is one of the most revered, well-known, and sexiest porn stars from the 70’s and 80’s. Growing up in Berkeley with Zen Buddhist parents, she has always had a very positive and fulfilling attitude toward sex, saying that, "Sex has been my vocation, my meal ticket, my path to happiness and self-understanding." She still holds swinger parties with her husband, Ernest Greene. Unfortunately, you’re not invited.

Amazing Fact: As a registered nurse, Nina was integral in the 1998 foundation of the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation, a resource that raises awareness about health issues among porn performers. It took that long to make sure porn stars get health care? I oughta write my congressman!

4. Katie Morgan

As a currently active porn star, Morgan is a picture-perfect blonde who has garnered much acclaim in the adult film world. HBO featured her specifically in Katie Morgan: A Porn Star Revealed, and she will also be featured in Kevin Smith’s Zack and Miri Make a Porno.

Amazing Fact: Ms. Morgan claims to have scored 165 on an IQ Test, placing her in one of the highest, genius percentiles of intelligence testing. Stephen Hawking was always pretty jealous of her ideas on string theory and universal origins.

3. Asia Carrera

Asia is the self-proclaimed "nerd of porn." Though now retired, she was a one-time AVN Female Performer of the Year and one of the most well-known porn stars of the 90’s. One of her own personal favorite achievements was the creation of her website, which she coded herself.

Amazing Fact: Ms. Carrera is a card-carrying member of MENSA, and she attended Rutgers university on a full scholarship. The sexiest girls always have the biggest…brains. What did you think I was going to say? Get your heads out of the gutter.

2. Savanna Samson

Savanna is another mega-star of the adult film industry that has worked on numerous occasions with superstars such as Janine Lindemulder and Jenna Jameson. She sings as a hobby and loves opera. If she also loved ballet, she’d probably be one of the few people to convince me to throw on some spandex.

Amazing Fact: Savanna is the entrepreneur of this group, as she is a professional vinter who created her own wine called Sogno Uno. According to New York Magazine, "the stuff garnered an impressive 91 rating from grape guru Robert Parker," whatever the hell that means. We can tell you, though, that she is one smart lady from our interview with her. 

1. Traci Lords

A truly courageous star, Lords managed to overcome incredible odds and a scarred childhood to become internationally known and successful. She gained a lot of notoriety for performing in adult films and appearing in Penthouse at the age of 15, but after getting out of porn she has appeared in many mainstream features such as Blade, A Novel Romance, and many others.

Amazing Fact: She is both a New York times bestselling author (Traci Lords: Underneath It All ) and credited with a Top 40 UK hit. Above it all, she just had a daughter and has managed to remain a well-balanced person, something that most celebrities are unable to claim.