This is my opinion but I think it’s valid. The world is fat. It makes me sick to my stomach to go to a public event and see the amount of obesity in this world. I wish I could tell you to invest in running shoes or exercise equipment but the only thing that may help millions is a drug. Accomplia is that drug. Here’s how it works. Accomplia is the first CB1 receptor blocker. In the brain the drug resets the body’s appetite control mechanism, which is sent into overdrive by either “overeating or tobacco.” In animal studies also suggest that this receptor may become hyperactive when exposed to excess alcohol or to drugs like cocaine, but so far the researchers are concentrating on tobacco and weight. In cells, the drug targets receptors that control how fat is burned and stored.

In the smoking cessation study, more than 700 smokers were randomly chosen to receive 5 mg or 20 mg of Accomplia or a dummy pill daily. The average age of smokers was 42, and most had smoked about a pack a day for 11 to 24 years, says Anthenelli. The study lasted 10 weeks, and the smokers were permitted to smoke during the first two weeks but were asked to abstain after that.

Smokers who were completely smoke-free during the last four weeks of the study — a condition that was verified by blood and breath tests — were considered successes.

Almost 36% of the Accomplia patients taking the 20 mg dose kicked the habit in 10 weeks, which was “about twice the quit rate seen in the placebo [group],” says Anthenelli. He says that rate is slightly better than current smoking cessation aids such as nicotine gum or patches.

But the real bonus was seen in participants taking 20 mg of Accomplia daily — they were able to quit smoking without gaining weight.

Normal-weight smokers taking 20 mg of Accomplia gained no weight, while normal-weight smokers taking dummy pills gained about a pound and a half.

Overweight and obese smokers treated for one year with Accomplia lost more than 5% of their weight when compared with patients treated with either placebo or the 5 mg dose of the drug. “And they lost weight without changing diet or increasing exercise,” says Anthenelli, who adds that about 68% of the smokers in the study were overweight. Sanofi-Aventis (SNY) is the maker of other drugs. They have Plavix and soon to be approved Rimonabant drugs in their deep pipeline but I think Accomplia is the blockbuster of the year. The stock gets no respect and over 5000 Feb puts traded today alone. I myself will be buying leaps in the near future and the only thing getting fat will be my wallet. It was not approved in the first go around (news here)