Adidas rolled out the lightest shoe in basketball today, showcasing a pair of kicks that weigh in at just 9.8 ounces. Over 15 percent lighter than the competition, the adiZero Crazy Light is designed with speed in mind, so athletes like Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose—who will don the shoe this weekend as the Bulls enter the postseason vs. the Indiana Pacers—can appear even more freakishly talented on the court.

“Lighter footwear makes you faster and speed dominates on the basketball court,” quoth Rose. “The adiZero Crazy Light … will no doubt make me faster on the court for our playoff run.”

Over two years in the making, the Crazy Light features a nylon upper that’s less than 1mm thick and outer webbing designed to decrease weight without sacrificing strength or durability. The shoe will be available to the rest of us starting June 3. Price: $130.