Adriana Lima is, post-pregnancy, as hot or hotter than she’s ever been in the past. And that is saying something. This iconic Victoria’s Secret model is returning to work with famed fashion photog Russel James for a project called “Nomad Two Worlds.” In it, they hope to 1) shoot some eyeball-burstingly sexy shots of Adriana and 2) use that sex-power to raise money and awareness for preserving indigenous rights and child health research. See? You can have fun and feel good about yourself at the same time!  Now, the above and below videos are just teasers of what’s to come, but keep scrolling down!

The new shoot is going to be set Benny Bennassi’s remix of Purple Haze, and is taking place in NYC to give viewers a glimpse into just what exactly goes into the glossy pages of a Victoria’s Secret (or whatever Adriana happens to be rocking) shoot. In addition to the shoot, there will also be footage of the workouts Adriana has been using to tone and tighten her million dollar body after giving birth.

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You can see the photoshoot, streamed live here, at 6pm Eastern, Wednesday, April 28.

Streaming live video by Ustream