What if we told you that right now you could purchase exact replicas of any of Indiana Jones’ accessories, which would you pick? You said the hat, didn’t you? Okay, let’s face it, this day and age it’s hard to pull it off.

The brown fedora doesn’t work if you’re not a sexy archaeologist/professor circa World War II (even Indy himself wasn’t wearing it as well come the time of the Cold War, crystal E.T skulls, and CGI monkeys). So what’s it going to be? The whip? Honestly, what could you possibly do with a whip besides hurt yourself? It’s his boots, okay? You can buy his boots. And you should because they are awesome. Offered by J.Crew via century-old custom shoemaker Alden, each pair is delicately hand-crafted leather with moc stitching around the toe and a stained welt, perfect for outrunning gigantic boulders, traversing rickety rope bridges over gator-infested ravines, and kicking Nazis in the face. Be warned, though: there is a limited supply and they will probably go fast. Each pair is $450.00, so you may have to steal a golden idol or two and throw them up on eBay to afford it, but it will certainly be worth it when you’re confronted with an adventure and finally have the footwear for it. Check them out here.