JetBlue is looking for a little help.  They need 1000 volunteers to trial their bag check and security systems at its new John F. Kennedy International Airport terminal, which is set to open in September. Evidently, American and British Airways had terrible problems when they opened their new terminals and JetBlue is bound and determined not to let it happen to them.

This is how it’s going to go down.  You’ll show up at JFK on August 23 to check bags given to them by the airline, go through security and wait at the assigned gate for your imaginary “flight”. In exchange for your effort they will  be giving away the following

“Unspecified” gifts

Free Parking


Yup, that’s it.  They didn’t throw in a random drawing for a free round trip ticket or a free set of expensive luggage.  No, just free parking and nasty JetBlue lunch.  Sounds like plenty of incentive to go out and enjoy a relaxing day at the airport.  See you there

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