Traveling can be a hassle, especially having to keep an eye on your bags—about 24.1 million were mishandled in 2014. But the AirBolt Smart Travel Lock, designed for use on checked bags, locks and tracks your luggage for you.

Made of a die-cast Zinc body and a sturdy stainless steel rope, the AirBolt is Bluetooth-enabled so you can lock and unlock it via the associated app, so long as you are the owner and your smartphone is within range of the AirBolt. If you lose your phone or its battery dies (don’t worry—the AirBolt’s battery lasts up to a year), the AirBolt can still be unlocked by using the companion app from a friend’s phone or entering a programmed button combination. You can also set backup codes, set alerts if you become separated from your bag should someone try to snatch it or you’ve had too many glasses of airport wine and use a GPS to relocate the lock (and your bags). It’s TSA-compliant so it’ll log openings and let you know if the TSA did some digging around, or you can revoke their ability to do so.

Think of your AirBolt as the designated sober friend, always in charge of watching the luggage while you run to buy one more duty-free bottle of whiskey. You shouldn’t leave your things alone to begin with, but should you do so, AirBolt is a good friend to have. Getting tipsy pre-departure has never been so safe.

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