Maybe leave that extra corpse at home? New extra fees for a second bag might make you rethink your packing choices.

5 of the 6 major airlines are mandating a $25 extra bag fee for a second piece of checked luggage.

The new fees imposed by Delta, Northwest, Continental, United, US Airways, and AirTran (which is charging a lower – $10 fee) are being implemented to offset rising fuel costs, and are probably a necessary cash influx in the midst of all the airline mergers and bankruptcy news from last week.

This all means the most inconvenienced passengers will be the non-frequent consumer vacationer or traveler. You guys are going to take most of the hit from this one.
The new mandate will cause other uncomfortable consequences on board too. Fees for checked luggage will just force fliers to attempt to bring more carry-on bags aboard. Pretty soon those overhead luggage bins will look as stuffed as a clown car. And you will probably be the guy who gets the diaper bag spilled all over you when those overheads are opened too hastily.

The New York Times article breaking this news is pandering to the outraged businessman who will be ever-so-slightly inconvenienced by these new fees:

Pete Mitchell, director of business-to-business sales for the luggage manufacturer Samsonite, said he often traveled with one-of-a-kind items he is reluctant to send via a shipping service. “We’ll bring them prototypes and production samples,” Mr. Mitchell said.

This guy is a salesman for Samsonite, the travel luggage company? Is he putting a fancy suitcase prototype inside his second checked bag? This is a perfect example of the type of guy who should be paying these extra fees. Charge this guy 50 bucks for that.

Got any tips for getting around this extra fee? Let us know in the comments section.

New York Times: Airlines to Charge for Second Bag, April 22, 2008