There is a reason why airlines are losing millions a day. Gas is just one reason, the other is they have the worst customer service of any industry in my opinion. According to one report, they lose 10,000 pieces of luggage a day. I know they fly millions of people but give me a break. I hate to even look out the window and see the morons handling my luggage. My bag always comes out looking like it was dragged behind the plane. Heaven forbid you have a strap or handle out of a duffle bag because it will certainly come out torn when you get it back. Between flights on Northwest I watched the young gate attendant talk on her cellphone the whole time and I had to interrupt her to ask a question. What I am glad to hear is there is a definite correlation between profitability and customer service. Southwest and JetBlue were the two best airlines when it came to lost luggage and bumping customers. They are also the two most profitable airlines (Jet Blue is not profitable but close) . Southwest was the only airline to turn a profit, the result of a well run company that preaches customer service to all their employees. JetBlue reported no bumps which is amazing in itself. I will be trying to fly Southwest as much as I can. The rest should be ashamed of themselves.