Hey, what’s up guys? Who Dey! Let’s talk some football, breast cancer awareness, “Gangnam Style” dance celebrations and music.

The ball has been coming my way, and Andy and I have some good chemistry going on, but it’s disappointing we haven’t won the past couple of weeks. It was humbling to get the AFC Offensive Player of the Month honor for September, but my only focus is winning games. My friend Megatron and I talked today by phone. He said, “keep up the good work and stay focused.” I feel like my game is getting better each week. I’m more patient and more comfortable in our offense. It’s crazy but I got a long way to go to match the achievements of guys like Calvin.

Breast cancer touches everybody. The key is to keep up with testing because often it’s not caught till it’s too late. I’m going to go all pink—shoes, gloves, towel—and send it to my aunt.

We’re coming off consecutive tough losses, where we let games slip away when we could have won. This week, we’ve got a huge divisional game against the Steelers, and this is a must-win. This is what it’s all about, pressure situations—you got to come ready to play all four quarters, be consistent, convert on third downs. This could be a season changer for both teams. We have to stay focused and put our A-game together. The divisional title is not out of sight, but we need to take care of business.

I love what the NFL does to honor National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s a great platform to make us all aware. My aunt had breast cancer, thankfully she battled through it. Another Bengal, safety Reggie Nelson, lost his mom to it. It touches everybody. I work with local groups back in South Carolina. The key is to keep up with testing because often it’s not caught till it’s too late. I’m going to go all pink—shoes, gloves, towel—and send it back home to my aunt.

A sneak preview of our Bengals blogger’s Sunday shoes?

To finish up with football, this weekend, my Georgia Bulldogs visit Randall Cobb’s Kentucky Wildcats. Randall predicts an upset? Randall, my friend, there’s not going to be an upset. I’m expecting a blowout for my Dawgs—at least, I hope so!

Now, you may be aware of the viral phenomenon called “Gangnam Style.” That video has almost 500 million views. They say K-pop is busting out. Just shows you the power of social media like YouTube. We Bengals receivers were watching it a few weeks ago and Andrew Hawkins said he was going to do it if he scored. But then our DT Domata Peko did that galloping, invisible-horse dance after a sack against Jacksonville…

We don’t really have any music talent in my family, and I can’t sing but I try sometimes. Like many people, I sing alright when I have earphones on and can’t hear myself! I listen to music when I kick back—hip-hop, R&B, artists like Lil’ Wayne, 2 Chainz, and Future, I like him a lot.

Of course my girlfriend, singer Miranda Brooke, is way into music. I’d say her music was smooth R&B, with some hip-hop for the young crowd. She’s signed to Def Jam and is working on her first album right now. The first single and video dropped last year as a teaser.  It was a great, catchy tune called “Hater” and she speaks the truth in it. She’s been influenced by artists like Aaliyah, TLC and Missy Elliott. And she’s got a great production team behind her. I’ll keep you all posted when the complete album drops.

Just a couple of kids makin’ some noise in their respective fields.

With Election 2012 coming up, I got to ask, are you registered to vote? I voted for the first time in 2008. If you’re not registered, there’s still time to sign up, whomever you vote for.

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Who Dey!

As told to Ashley Jude Collie