What’s up, everybody? Let’s talk football, style and sneakers.

Last week, our coaches told us to get our minds off football and just be ready when we came back. I think the bye week came at a perfect time—we had won 3 straight, then actually lost 3 straight—to get our minds right and our bodies recharged and start like a new mini-season.

I have every pair of Jordans. Do I wear them all? Some have never left their box. Others may take me six months, because I really don’t go anywhere during the season. I’ll put them on at home, with some sweats! I know, it’s crazy!

We had Thursday to Sunday off and I went back to my home in Atlanta and just chilled, man. I didn’t do any workouts, just caught up on some sleep and relaxed for four days. I watched some TV like Animal Planet, I love all that wild animal stuff with the great photography. Getting rest and getting over any nagging pain is so important. Now we got to keep our eye on the ultimate prize, get back to getting better each week and see what happens over the last 9 games.

How about the SEC? 5 teams are ranked in the BCS top 8 including my Georgia Bulldogs. Last week, we beat unbeaten Florida and it was a tough, tough game. Our D played lights out, and we put all the parts together. Scored when we had to and came out with a W and went to the top of the SEC East standings (7-1). We have to keep it going against Ole Miss this week. We control our destiny, we want to get to the SEC Championship game this year, and now if we win out, we’ll go there.

This weekend Alabama (#1 8-0) plays LSU (#5 7-1) in a huge SEC game. The Crimson Tide has a tough defense, man, and their offense is real solid too, they don’t turn the ball over. They grind until the opposition just breaks down. That style, grinding you down right through the fourth quarter, has made them the best team so far. I think they can go undefeated until we play them in the SEC Championship, when they’re going to lose. You heard it here!

Elevee: just a notch or 12 above Frank’s Big and Tall.

For me, when someone is stylin’, it’s the way he carries himself. You can wear anything and if you have confidence about yourself, in what you’re wearing, then you’re good to go. An actor like Denzel Washington, Oscar winner, he’s got style. I wouldn’t necessarily dress like Kanye West, but he’s got his own style too.

Elevee Custom Clothing, based in LA, is one of the custom shops I like to use—a lot of pro athletes shop with them. With stuff like sports jackets, I have to get them tailored because of my size. My arms are so long, I have to get measured and get them custom fitted to my body. Custom clothing reps come to me, show me some designs, some materials and colors, they have computer software set up to input my choices. I can’t just buy jackets off the rack. Same with shirts. The only thing I may get off the rack is some pants. Maybe. I do like trying new things out, different materials. But then as long as I feel good and comfortable, I’m good to go.

OK, so I’m a sneakerhead! Oh man, I don’t even know how many I have. Too many! I need to start building shelves to store them all. Hundreds! I’m with Nike, and I probably have like 200 Air Jordans alone. When they come up with a new style for the year, I’ll buy all the colors the Jordans come in. I have every pair of Jordans that ever came out. Do I wear them all? Some have never left their box. Others may take me six months before I check them out, because I really don’t go anywhere during the season. I’ll put them on at home, with some sweats! I know, it’s crazy!

Not pictured: the other 199 pairs.

The newest ones don’t officially come out till later in November but I just got my Nike Foamposites One (“Polarized Pink”) in honor of breast cancer month. They look really cool! It’s a combination of color, shape, style of the shoe that catches my eye. Like I said, I’m a sneakerhead! And because I’m a size 11, which is a popular size, I don’t have to wait on them.

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—As told to Ashley Jude Collie