Who Dey! It’s great to get back to winning.

And speaking of winning, congrats to President Obama on getting re-elected. He’s a great man and president, and since he’ll be in office four more years, hopefully Who Dey Nation will get to see us meet him at the White House as Super Bowl champions.

Everything on my Chevy Tahoe is flat black—headlights, rims, bumpers, grill, sound system inside, the leather seats. Black is my favorite color.

The key to our win against the defending champs, the Giants, last weekend was starting real fast and getting on the scoreboard early. We focused on the little things, and Coach Marvin Lewis was saying if you do that then the big things would take care of themselves. Our defense, led by Rey Maualuga with 12 tackles, had some early stops, and all facets of the team did the little things right.

As much as you know every week is another challenge, losing does eat at you, especially when it’s four games in a row. Just putting that effort out during the week and then not getting the results on Sunday wasn’t sitting too well with us. The win boosted our confidence and the whole vibe around the locker room this week is so much better. Guys are smiling.

Our quarterback Andy Dalton threw a career-high four touchdowns (21 for 30 for 199 yards), each to a different receiver, and he really spread it around to seven different receivers. I’ve gotten to work with him a lot the past two years, and for me, his biggest strength is that he doesn’t get rattled, no matter what’s going on in an individual game or how the season is going overall, and that separates him from others. You need that from your leader.

It’s a lot easier to be the Red Rifle when you’ve got a star blogger/receiver to throw to…

He loves the game and he works on his throwing a lot and it’s great to have a quarterback like that. He supports me as a wideout and it’s helped me get on this wicked streak with us combining for TDs in eight straight games. That’s definitely a first for me, at any level of football.

The Bengals are on the playoff bubble. We were in a hole a little bit, but I feel that as a team, we need to get some momentum. That’s the biggest thing, catching the momentum from now till the end of the season, and hopefully making the playoffs again.

As for my Georgia Dawgs, they’re going back to the SEC Championship! If Alabama, shocked last weekend by Texas A&M, beats Auburn this weekend, we’ll be playing each other. And we’re going to beat them!

However, the SEC’s six-year BCS winning streak is probably going to end. It’s going to be tough to get the top ranking with three undefeated teams ahead of us—Kansas State, Oregon and Notre Dame have all had great seasons, they’d all have to lose. But who thought undefeated ’Bama was going to lose last weekend? Exactly, no one. So you never know.

Now, check out my Chevy Tahoe—people say it looks like a stealth vehicle.

A lot just stare at it, their mouths drop and they can’t tell if it’s paint or some sort of special wrap, wondering what color it really is. It’s more like a West Coast thing, I don’t think people in the South know much about it. With the flat black, it definitely sticks out on the road. Everything is flat black—headlights, rims, bumpers, grill, sound system inside, the leather seats. I got a JL Audio sound system with their great W7 speakers in the back—they give some power but nothing too crazy.

Black is my favorite color, I wanted to try it, and it came out good thanks to Spade Kreations in Cincy—they’re nationally known, one of the largest custom fabrication shops in the Midwest. They do everything with autos—you’ll see them on featured on the covers of magazines so they’re pretty legit. And my other car, a Porsche Panamera, is also all black… and fast!

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—As told to Ashley Jude Collie