Hey, how’re you doing, people? Let’s talk NFL, SEC and dating!

It’s definitely cool to have another season with a thousand yards receiving. It’s a blessing to be playing and doing what you love. I did a lot of work during the off-season, and two of my goals were to get over 1,000 yards and get 10 touchdowns, and I’ve gotten both. And the team has 5 more games to get back to the playoffs and aim for that ultimate goal.

It now comes down to how we play in December. We have to ride this momentum all the way through to the Super Bowl and a championship.

Two weeks ago, we were out of a playoff position. Now after 3 straight wins, we’re back in the hunt. I said it would take some momentum, and now we’ve got to continue doing the little things right. Our team is young, and once we get the little things done, the bigger things will take care of themselves. In the past three games, we’ve been clicking in all phases of the game. We haven’t turned the ball over. We’ve been playing consistent offense, averaging about 30 points. And our defense is playing lights out, giving up 13 points or less.

And Coach Lewis wanted us to get at least 140 rushing yards in our last game against Oakland… we had over 200! Getting our running game going opens up plays for our entire receiving group. I even had a rush for 20 on a reverse. They were doubling me a lot so it was another way to get the ball into my hands, and you want to be a playmaker for your team. It now comes down to how we play in December. We have to ride this momentum all the way through to the Super Bowl and a championship.

Two weeks ago, no one thought an SEC team would contend for a seventh straight BCS title, but with surprise losses by Oregon and Kansas State, my Bulldogs are back in it. It’s Georgia vs ’Bama on December 1 for the right to play in the BCS title game. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are unbeaten and #1, and we may get a shot at them.

I never played in an SEC Championship game, but my Dawgs have now gone to it in back to back years. I expect it to come down to the quarterbacks—my Dawgs’ Aaron Murray and Alabama’s A.J. McCarron. We both have great defenses, so it’ll come down to how the two quarterbacks manage the game. If we don’t turn the ball over and play solid defense, and we can run and pass the ball like we usually do, we’ll win. I’ll take us winning 21-17 in a really tough, tough game. You bet I’ll be watching it in San Diego where we play this weekend—we better win!

Looks like our blogger’s Heisman pick already has the pose down…

P.s.—My pick for the Heisman is Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel. He inspired his team to knock off unbeaten ’Bama. I’ve seen him play and I think it’s going to be Johnny. He’s like Cam Newton and Tim Tebow, he can run and pass.

And, since you I’m sure you’re wondering, here are A.J. Green’s top 5 dating tips.

1) Be on time, always.

2) Be well dressed.

3) Listen to your date and don’t talk yourself up too much.

4) Buying flowers is cool.

5) Brush your teeth before your date!

My lady and I like to do date nights that usually involve going for dinner at a good restaurant, then taking in a movie. It’s funny, she likes to eat dinner out, but I’m more of a homebody. I’m fine with good takeout at home! But you got to take care of your lady, man! And like I said, brush your teeth!

We’re just finishing up Movember which focused on awareness for men’s health issues like prostate cancer. I have a bit of a moustache, but not like an Aaron Rodgers’ mustache, now that’s crazy. But good on Aaron for helping the cause.

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—As told to Ashley Jude Collie