Hey, what’s up people? We’re in the playoffs again but we’re not done.

Who Dey Nation expects more and we want to deliver on Sunday in our season finale against Baltimore! We’re not going to get too pumped, we’ll just continue to do the things that got us here. Look for a typical bruising divisional battle. We want to finish strong and head confidently into the postseason.

You’re not always in a perfect position, one arm may be caught up with a defender, or you’re trying to keep both feet in bounds. So we’re always working on stuff like that—real game situations.

Though I had a solid rookie year in 2011, I’ve reached several of my personal goals and felt even more comfortable in the offense this season. I can move around to different spots on the field with more understanding of our schemes and how defenders can be beat. My goal coming into the NFL was to become one of the best wide receivers to ever play. After two regular seasons, it feels real good to be mentioned in the same breath with top receivers like Megatron, Victor Cruz and others…

Some people wonder if receivers practice tough catches. The truth is, you’re not always going to be in a perfect position in a game, one arm may be caught up with a defender, or you’re trying to keep your balance and keep both feet in bounds or in the end zone. So we’re always working on stuff like that—real game situations.

Our quarterback Andy Dalton is also doing different things after practice or during warm-ups, making throws that show his accuracy. In one warm-up, he was trying to see if he could hit the goalpost from a distance. It got caught on camera and he nailed it. When Andy is on, he’s really unbelievable. With many of my catches this season, he put it right there, and I adjusted to his throw ahead of a defender or in between them. And, like I said earlier this season, if the ball’s in the air and it’s coming my way, it’s my ball. That’s still my motto.

One-handed catch, two feet down in end zone? Practice makes perfect indeed!

Another thing I’ve worked on is keeping the weight I put on in the off-season. Now as the regular season winds down, my body feels the best it’s felt for this time of year. Last year, I was feeling a little fatigued and a little sore. But right now, because of a combination of the extra muscle and being able to keep working out during the season, I still feel fresh.

So how are you guys spending your holiday week? Christmas was a big deal growing up in Summerville, South Carolina. My whole family would get together and it was the biggest holiday celebration for us, a lot of soul food being cooked up Christmas style.

Now I’m blessed to give my family, some of whom have made big sacrifices for me, the kind of stuff they really want or need. To see the smiles on their faces is special. There’s nothing like giving back to them. Now that I’m in the NFL, my family comes to visit me in Cincy. The team had a great Christmas party a couple weeks ago. We’re blessed to be playing a game we’ve been playing since we were kids.

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—As told to Ashley Jude Collie