Alessandra Ambrosio may be a Victoria’s Secret model, but her hotness doesn’t stop there. The 36-year-old smoke show is one of our favorite Instababes to follow on the ’gram, and anyone with eyes can see why.

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Not only does she show off pictures of herself “forever on vacation,” but she’s not afraid to flaunt that perfect body of hers on her page, either. For example, in Ambrosio’s latest Instagram video, she wears a tiny yellow bikini from her swimwear line, providing a little bit of coverage and a pop of color, while spinning happily on a beach in the Maldives. She uses her favorite hashtag, #foreveronvacation, in the caption. 

She posted another video of herself dancing, in the same swimsuit, on her Ale’ by Alessandra Instagram page, too. We can’t help but feel a bit of lust after watching.

The model proves that she can look stunningly sexy nude, as well. Don’t get too excited, though. There aren’t any naked shots on her Instagram. She’s a big fan of wearing swimsuits and outfits that are “nude” in color (see photo above). She also sports not-so-revealing clothes like no other. What’s hotter than a classy, beautiful woman? 

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If all of those pics (and videos) leave you wanting more, wait until you see the other revealing (and not so revealing) photos she’s posted. We bet she’ll be one of your favorites to follow on Instagram now. You’re welcome.

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Photos: Instagram