I watched a bunch of the Hurricane Gustav coverage today on all of the cable and business news channels.

The big story was, of course, about how the price of crude oil continued to fall upon news that the hit to the refineries and rigs around New Orleans was not going to be severe. That’s a big relief for consumers and residents, but I’m sure there are plenty of oil traders out there that gambled wrong on the weather reports.

Besides Geraldo Rivera’s live over-the-top coverage of a guy heroically ‘rescuing’ a loose propane tank on Fox News, Fox Business Channel was one of the few out-of-area stations with reporters live on the scene. One of our favorite senior biz babes, Alexis Glick, was on scene getting all wet and wild in the French Quarter. (More photos after the jump):

A good way to spend your Labor Day, right?

They got Fox Business Channel hats?! Whoa, nice!

Back in her dryer days at Foxy Biz headquarters:

FoxBiz: Gustav Loses Steam, September 1, 2008