Green is in, but you don’t have to compost your own waste and make your own yak hair sweaters to save the Great Mother. You can be environmentally conscious, stylish, and leisurely all at the same time while you travel. You could buy a hybrid, or you could just take a trip the Alila Villas in Uluuwaatu, Bali.

This luxury resort won the 2009 Green Good Design Award for it’s strict adherence to the Environmentally Sustainable Design framework. It was designed using locally sourced, recycled and sustainable materials. They’ve eschewed climate control (not the most difficult thing in Bali…) by designing lava rock roofs and bamboo ceilings to allow for natural air circulation which guests adjust via sliding glass doors.

On-site gardens are used to cultivate native plant and animal species to reduce the footprint of the resort as a whole. And, innovative gray water systems as well as salt water pools help to dramatically reduce the water consumption of the entire establishment.

The 61 villas range in layout from 1 to 3 bedroom and in price from $750 to $5,340 per night, and that includes breakfast, free internet, DVDs computers, a spa, a gym, daily yoga classes, flat screens with satellite TV, an in-room espresso machine, a pre-loaded iPod and a variety of other amenities.

Not included in that price, but available for purchase, is butler service. There are three levels of service – private, discreet, or indulgent – and they are on call 24 hours a day to bring you room service or whatever else you may require.

Situated 200 feet over the water, atop sea cliffs on the Southern coast of Bali, the resort features clean, minimalist interiors opening to panoramic ocean views from almost every room. Swim in the 70m infinity pool, or dine on regional fare at either the Western-style Cire, or the Indonesian-style Warung.