Exactly one month ago we reported that several major airlines began charging a $25 fee for a second checked bag, then today things got a whole lot worse for high maintenance chicks.

American Airlines announced yesterday that it will be implementing an additional $15 fee for each passenger’s first checked bag on all domestic flights. That’s right, now not even a single stowed bag will escape the wrath of the ‘Additional Fees’ monster. Chances are other airlines will soon follow the trend.

This announcement comes as a reaction to combat rising fuel costs and an increasingly bankrupt airline industry. What will your attractive girlfriend clad with 3 extra bags of ‘stuff she just needs‘ do now? If you ever want to see her in that bikini, which you also bought, on Miami Beach, you better start saving now, buddy.

According to an article from the Associated Press, one guy hates on the suits:

“This is not going to apply … to the people who can most afford it, the business traveler,” said Bob Harrell of New York-based travel and aviation consulting firm Harrell Associates. “It’s going to be the poor schmo, the vacation traveler, who ends up paying these fees.”

Exactly. These are the poor schmoes who are incapable of bringing one single neat carry-on with them on a plane. The same clueless guys stuffing hot-air-balloon-sized Jansport backpacks into the overhead compartment. This is also the guy who thinks a laptop bag filled with 200 pounds of accessories still counts as a ‘personal item’.

No, Sir. Not on my plane. (Insert Air Force One /Snakes On A Plane line here).

But really the airlines are just trying to screw someone else over for their tough quarter in the market.

American (the most patriotic of airlines) in particular announced they will be decommissioning 75 gas-guzzling older model airplanes. The airline will also be announcing thousands of layoffs across the board for their American Eagle airlines subsidiary, which I’m told, is not affiliated with the clothing company (follow up question: are the flight attendants hot?).

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