Each week, our buddies at Backerjack highlight an up-and-coming gadget that made men can be among the first to own if they help fund it. Welcome to All In. 

Grilling is one of the preferred ways to cook, especially in the summertime. Most grills require propane or charcoal to work, however, making them less than convenient at times.

The GoSun Grill changes all of that with its solar technology. Fold out the reflectors in the sunshine for two hours and enjoy hours of cooking time. The thermal battery stores the solar charge and lets the grill be used at any time, even at night. This grill can roast, boil, steam, or bake anything you want. It doesn’t require any dirty fuel and is completely portable. The grill cooks anything evenly from 360 degrees for delicious, cleanly made food.


The GoSun Grill certainly changes the game of grilling. Not only does it display awesome potential for cooking, but it also demonstrates the power of developing solar technology. For one, backers will need to fork over $399 with delivery in September 2015. GoSun hopes to raise $140,000 with the help of Kickstarter.

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