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It may sound like the punch line to a light bulb joke but it usually takes two people to engage in sports like wakeboarding–one to do the actual wakeboarding and the other to operate the jet ski or speedboat. Ideally, there’s a third party involved who can indicate to the driver when the rider wants to stop or has fallen off.

RC Ski has cut out the middle and last man. It lets a wakeboarder operate a jet ski from the board. The grip includes a mechanism to let riders steer the jet ski and cut off the engine if need be. Those who are interested in such a product will need to donate $499 to the campaign for delivery in November. RC Ski is shooting for a funding goal of $50,000 on Kickstarter.

rc ski gif

The campaign calls this product “safe and legal.” But the vague language in the campaign certainly doesn’t help quell any doubts. What if the rider falls off? Does the jet ski just keep going? The creators do provide a map of where this product is legal in the U.S. and under what conditions but, of course, caveat surfer.

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