Purveyors of winter wear, Arc’teryx, have rolled out a surprisingly formal line of clothes that don’t sacrifice functionality for style. The Arc’teryx Veilance collection of jackets, pants, sweaters and shirts are all designed primarily to look great. But, using their well-established fabrication techniques for more substantial outerwear, they were able to take a classic cut blazer and make it water resistant and wind proof.  

The Stealth and Field shirts offer classic button-down cuts with cleverly-crafted, side-oriented pockets over the breat – the Stealth also includes a bicep pocket. All articles come in shades of grey and Earth tones. They’re going to set you back a bit – the Field shirt is on the low end at $175 while the not-so-cleverly-named Long Coat is a cool $1,000. But you’ll have them for a lifetime – and you’ll look good the whole length of it.