Motorcycle jackets have come a long way since the early days of denim and leather. Motorsports company Alpinestars has kept up with the trends, producing moto apparel that toes the line between style and safety, offering riders the best of both. Case in point: the Lucerne Drystar jacket.

An all-weather touring model, the Drystar ($300) features two removable inner layers—a waterproof liner and a thermal liner—designed to combat the elements during those long rides when the clouds start to look less than friendly. If you’re riding under clear skies, you can pull both liners out for a lighter, more breathable version of the Drystar, making it ideal for all conditions. Adding to the jacket’s versatility are two volume-adjustment straps on each arm to provide a more fitted feel while reducing wind flap.

On the safety front, the Drystar comes equipped with removable Bio-Armor elbow and shoulder protectors. The chest and back coverage is slightly less advanced, consisting of foam inserts, but upgraded chest and back guards can be purchased through Alpinestars. Basically, if you want to be climate controlled, comfortable and protected on your bike and look great at the same time, this is your jacket. Get it here.