Having trouble selling your house in this crappy housing market? Why not let an online escort service look after it for a little while?

In what’s probably the worst case scenario for selling your home, a suburban housewife in Georgia was having some difficulty and as a last resort hired a "home staging company".

I’d never heard of this before, but apparently these "home stagers" take your house and pay someone to live in it, maintain it, and show it off to potential buyers for you. Sweet gig on it’s own, right? Turns out the woman they hired for this house had other more "hooker-y" plans in mind. This thing is unreal!

I realize it’s a little long, but it gets really good when they start to confront the lame escort undercover at 3:00 minutes into the video (plus further analysis after the jump):
Real Estate Brothel Sting – Watch more free videos

Wow, that chick really did a bang-up job photoshopping herself. Those online escort photos made her look almost 100 pounds thinner.

I also love watching her semi-shocked/trying to play it cool demeanor when she’s first shown the photos of herself online. You can just see her thinking, "oh shit" in her head.

And you can never go wrong with an undercover escort service sting that ends with some reporter getting bitchslapped, right? Awesome. I can’t wait to watch Part 2.

Anyone in the Atlanta, GA area following this story?

UPDATE: Thanks to the commenter who supplied the link to last night’s part 2 of this amazing story here. Equally hilarious.

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