Last month, we introduced you to the eye-poppingly sexy Kandy Kruise with 1,300 Hotties on a Boat. Well, the same crew behind that voyeuristic venture, The Karma Foundation, is now ramping up for Kandy Halloween at the Playboy Mansion. And if you happen to be in LA this weekend, tickets are still available. Here’s the Made Man hookup. Use invite code PR9469, and you’ll get a private shuttle to Hef’s house and access to a welcome cocktail reception hosted by Playboy Bunnies. As for the Halloween party itself? We think the costumed hotties on the next few pages pretty much speak for themselves, don’t you?

P.s.–We’ll be on the scene and have much more to report—and show—come Monday.

It’s amazing what paint can do.

Bet those aren’t her real… eyes.

Three great reasons to dress up as a ghost.

We’re not sure what she’s supposed to be, but we like it.

Don’t know about you, but we’re just admiring the craftsmanship of the costumes.

Hey! My hair is up here.

Hello Kitty? More like Hello Hottie. Zing!

Is it nudity if you cover your nipples with… nipples? Discuss amongst yourselves. Or figure it out up close at