Brooklyn-based Laena McCarthy is a self-described “jamarchist,” sinking her roots into the Smukers-ian despotism that is the American jam industry. Or, she’s a small-batch preserves maker with a sense of humor. Either way, her jams appeal to both our off-beat tastes and off-beat sense of humor. Spread it on.

With flavors like Hot Fireman’s Pear Jam with hints of chipotle peppers and Fig*alicious, it’s clear that McCarthy is prepared to sweetly challenge your taste buds. Made with all local (in Brooklyn? Yes.) ingredients grown on the Brooklyn Grange Farm (below), anarchy in a jar is a delicious and quirky play at locavorianism. And, if you live in the greater Manhattan area, be sure to take advantage of their traffic jam bicycle delivery service on orders of three jars or more at about $6 a jar. If not, contact McCarthy here to place your order. Via Cool Hunting