You probably know her from last year’s viral twerking warm-up dance (7 million YouTube views and counting). Or from her barely covered modeling turn in SI Swimsuit 2014. And those two scenarios might lead you to view Anastasia Ashley as some sort of oceanic Anna Kournikova. But there’s a bit more to the story, because this Airwalk-sponsored 27-year-old can actually surf.

Among her competitive honors: ASP Triple Crown rooking of the year, APSPR Corona pro tour women’s champion and Women’s Pipeline pro Champion. Last year, she was a Billabong XXL Big wave awards nominee for Overall performance. She’s also b.s.-free and fun. So as our thoughts turn to sandy shores, we sat down with her to talk surfing, minimal swimwear and why she doesn’t want to be friends.

“I’m still trying to figure out how to get guys to do what I want. I know I’m damn good at surfing.”

First things first, what’s the story with the twerking? You’ve probably explained it a hundred times already.
I actually haven’t. I basically woke up to a bunch of people texting and calling, like, “Have you seen the video?” I’m like, “What are you talking about?” And then I looked on the Internet and there was myself.

But that’s like your normal routine?
Yeah. I knew it was funny. But If I wanted to twerk, I would actually do it. I’m more bouncing around. I’m always just kind of vibing to music and getting ready to go. I was not even paying attention to what I was doing.

If you had to give one surfing tip to somebody just starting out, what would it be?
I would say it’s really hard, so don’t be discouraged right off the bat. I mean you have to learn a set of skills, but then you’re dealing with an additional element, which is the ocean. If you don’t know the water, you don’t know what the f*** you’re doing. But the more times you go, the more you’ll get a feel for it and get better. I think a lot of people quit because they get frustrated.

anastasia-ashley-pipelineLike we said, this girl can really surf…

Is there a type of board you should get if you’re just starting out?
I would suggest a bigger and thicker board. You know, like a longboard as they say, because it’s longer and more stable for balance. It’s easier to hop up on.

What’s your favorite surf spot on the planet?
I’d say Hawaii, the North Shore of Oahu. Anywhere on that stretch of beach, and the best time to be there is actually winter. There are basically seven or eight world-class spots and they’re all within seven-mile radius. So that’s my favorite place.

As a men’s website editor, I’ve noticed that the surfing apparel seems to be getting smaller and smaller. I was just wondering if there’s, um, a performance-enhancing element to that?
That’s a good question. I mean, bathing suit-wise, you want something that’s going to be tight and stay on your body really good. If you have a bigger bathing suit on, there’s more drag and there’s more water that can get in. It’s more of a hassle with the extra material sometimes.

anastasia-ashley-shark-suit…And she’s also pretty down to earth.

Obviously you’re in great shape. Do you have a fitness tip for the folks out there?
I need music to work out. Put in a good playlist. Also, going to work out with a friend always is a big motivation. Find a buddy who wants to work out, too. They’ll drive your ass to the gym or go for a walk even. I think walking is great, even though it’s not considered a super exercise. It’s easy and you can talk to people.

There is this video where you said you were good at two things, surfing and getting guys to do what you want. Care to elaborate?
I was just having fun with that. I’m still trying to figure out how to get guys to do what I want. I know I’m damn good at surfing.

So suppose a guy wants to turn the tables and get you to do what he wants—meaning go out—what’s his best move?
Being direct, but not overly aggressive. I don’t like indirect people. I’m kind of at a point where, I’m not necessarily wanting anyone… I’m not looking for any new friends.

anastasia-ashley-surf-airShe’s not afraid to fly…

In other words, you don’t want someone under the pretense of befriending you when really they want to go out with you?
Yeah. I also think a lot of guys might be scared to put themselves out there like that. Because then it’s like, “No.” or “Yes.”

Are there any deal breakers?
Where do I begin? I like to call them red flags. Anyone who talks about their ex-girlfriend a lot. Anyone who doesn’t show respect. Also, I want someone who is passionate in what they do. So if they don’t enjoy what they do for their career or work, that’s a deal breaker.

Are you more attracted to surfers or non-surfers?
I’m an equal opportunity employer. I actually have never really dated surfers, or athletes for that matter. They’re all right, but I don’t know. I like having some differences in the relationship. It’s more fun when you talk to someone about not your job.

anastasia-ashley-si…and looks great in SI. (We’ll let you know when we find a flaw.)