“I am constantly looking for ways to incorporate beer into my recipes, and I’ve found that pretty much any dish really is better with bacon.”

With those words, The Manly Housekeeper (also known as Los Angeles’ Mark Evitt) wrapped up his entry in our Food Blogger contest. Pretty compelling, especially when the site itself is packed with posts like Beer Is Better: Beer Mustard and Beer-Poached Bratwurst, Elvis Sandwich, Fall Flavors Edition and I Build a Grill and Truly Become a Man. It almost seemed like Evitt was born to write for Made Man, and we are proud to announce him as our Fall For Food blogger contest winner!

“I’m so thrilled to learn I won this contest,” Evitt says. “I can’t wait to share my cooking techniques and demonstrate that even baking cookies can be manly, provided you use the right ingredients.” Stay tuned for his posts every Tuesday beginning next week. Meantime, check out his blog.

Of course, Evitt’s was just one of several excellent entries. Thanks so much to all who entered, including those who bribed us with an offer of homemade stromboli, which was very tempting. We admire your passion and hustle, and we loved checking out your words and photos. Some other blogs that really caught our eyes—and rumbled our stomachs—are listed below. Come hungry and give ’em look!

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