Welcome to the world of Groznium, a futuristic, hierarchical world in which a third, upper class of robot has been added to society. The first two classes – mostly toys and utilitarian models – are out-classed (get it?) by the third and most complicated class which act as companion robots. It is in this third class that we find our lovely heroin, Android Karenina.

Adapted from Tolstoy’s classic, the boys and girls over at Quirk Classics continue to expand their dubious library of doctored literature with this mashup of realism, modernism, and dystopic comic-booky steampunk. It’s a solid mix.

In the new version, obviously, Anna is now Android Kerenina. Her husband, Alexie, is a higher-up in the most powerful upper branches of the Ministry of Robotics, and is in charge of protecting the human people from UnConSkia terrorists.

It sounds a little bit fanciful here, but Winters is a master of melding the styles and themes of classical works with the fantastic machinations that most of us Rejuveniles aged 18-39 have playing kickball and cops and robbers inside of us. It’s also a hell of a deal at just $9. Buy it.