Angry Green Girl is “shamelessly exploiting everything [she’s] got to save our world!” Awesome. It might work, too, because she is a stone cold babe. The way she’s doing it for now, though, is by holding a free, environmentally-sound, bikini carwash that only hybrid cars can use. While we don’t drive hybrids because they are fiscally unsound, environmentally dangerous, and kinda wussy, we gladly support her bikini-clad efforts.

The one thing hybrids and this bikini carswash have going for them is that they both are highly-visible symbols of people trying to march toward a greener tomorrow. They don’t really fix anything right now.  But they’re not hurting anything (badly), and, hey, bikinis!

Whether or not Angry Green Girl’s hotness is chipping away at global warming is sort of irrelevant. It’s about the principle of the thing! So, whether your principle is the ogling of foxy broads or the salvation of our planet, head to, or her Facebook profile, and show your support however you can. In the meantime, enjoy their carwash pics below.