Scarves are limited in their uses. They keep a very specific part of your body warm. And they look cool. In this day and age, and with the colder months of the year coming up, don’t you think this seasonal accessory can use just a little more functionality?

The solution to this is simple, but brilliant: pockets. Let it set in. Mull it over. See the brilliance yet? Let us help you. It’s called the Julian Scarf, the idea resulted from a woman who had to check her coat at the door of a club, leaving all her expensive things in her coat pockets and just praying nobody lifted them. Girl or guy, there are always going to be instances when you have to give up your multi-pocketed coat, or you just don’t feel like wearing something heavy that covers your entire body. With the Julian Scarf’s 7” by 7” nylon ripstop pockets, you can basically fit anything you need in there and can keep it on you at all times. It’s also in a place nobody will think to look. Pick-pockets are going to have a hard time swiping your stuff when it’s zipped up safely adjacent to your face. The Julian Scarves come in 14 different colors and patterns, are $30 each, and can be purchased here.