Here’s what I am trying to do. We get a group of 100 people who work together to get their stories to the top of Digg. Of course the easy way would to write a great story or gather something worthwhile but that is too much work. I want to get a group that “diggs” each other’s content to the tune of 1o0 diggs everytime one of us wants to put something up. It helps drive viewers to each other blogs and it only takes about a minute a day. If we get 100 people then each day we digg 10 peoples’ and so you get a story every 10 days. The top 100 users control 75% of the content anyway so we might as well form our own union or as I have officially tagged it ” a diggcircle” . It’s as simple as putting everyone’s email in an address book and emailing them when your story goes up. One each ten days. I can work on how to coordinate it better. That or I could just concentrate on writing or gathering better stories. Nah. Email me if interested. Digg this junk story for a test run.