File this one under best idea ever. The biggest letdown (in the world, basically) is when all you want is a delicious McDonald’s McFlurry, and you’re told the ice cream machine is broken or currently being cleaned. Womp womp, we know. But never fear, there is now an app for even that.

Meet Ice Check. Like with Waze, the user-generated traffic app that warns you of any road issues such as accidents or police activity, Ice Check users can give status updates on McDonald’s McFlurry machines, “so if you see something — say something!” the app urges on its website. 

Issues with McDonald’s ice cream machines have always been a problem. According to the The Wall Street Journal, the machines let customers down so much that the fast-food giant recently unveiled plans to replace the current machines with new ones that have fewer parts, require shorter cleaning times (the current ones take roughly four hours to clean) and will have the ability to dispense more ice cream flavors. Clearly all that social media backlash has made an impression.

Ice Check is scheduled to launch April 14th, and they are also hoping McDonald’s franchisees jump on board. The app creators will give franchisees the opportunity to offer deals and promotions as learn what their customers want and when. Yes, that means instead of hitting the drive-thru only to find out the machine is broken, you could actually pull up and get the ice cream treat for a discount.

Now that’s what we call progress.

Photo: McDonald’s