Ever recorded a sporting event, psyched yourself out to watch it and then experienced a wave of severe, rage-inducing disappointment when the whole game ended up sucking enormously? If not, you either don’t own a DVR, you don’t watch sports or you’re an advanced Zen/Tao/Jedi master incapable of feeling anger.

For those of us yet to achieve enlightenment, though, the Internet has finally birthed a solution to the age-old dilemma of how to avoid watching crappy games: Thuuz.com, a fresh new online service that uses a series of algorithms to calculate exactly how exciting a game is while it’s happening. It’s free, it’s user-friendly and it’s significantly better than throwing your remote across the room.

Thuuz starts to do its thing within the first five minutes of a game, analyzing pace, competitiveness and the frequency of important or impressive plays, among other factors, to rate each matchup on a 100-point scale. Most alluring is that Thuuz does all this live and without revealing the score of a game. Users can sign up to receive text message and email alerts telling them the best moments to tune in, or they can simply wait until after a game is finished to review its Thuuz rating and decide if it’s worth watching.

So far, Thuuz offers ratings for baseball, basketball, football, hockey and soccer games, with more sports to be added soon. Thuuz is also eyeing partnerships with several major sports leagues, which means the site could soon offer links to recorded matches hosted by the leagues.

It’s a good time to be a sports fan. It’s an even better time to be a sports fan with a high speed Internet connection and a smartphone.