These are the three things that dominate the headlines. I love Apple and Goog and have no problem with the price of oil but there has to be more than these three things that are important in business. Anyone and everyone is making something to work with the Ipod or Apple. When they do, the immediately issue a press release. What made me think of it was the ridiculous article on the new tiny little program on Blackberrys for Mac users. It lets Mac users control their email and calendar on their blackberry. The agreement was reached with a third party and not even Apple. This is a futile attempt to match Palm who has always supported Mac. It shows me that companies will do anything to be a part of Apple or Google because they know these two are the future of tech and if you can’t beat them, join them. As for oil, so much of what we do revolves around oil. Our cars, our heat, and plastic, the material everything seems to be made out of lately. You can’t turn on the TV or open the paper without one of the top stories being related to oil. Every product I purchased for my business went up with the excuse from every vendor being oil. Every article manufactured seems to have be compatible with the ipod. I think the pots for my plants were ipod compatible and to find out I looked on Google on my cellphone. How does this make me money? Invest in these 3 in 2006 and you will make money. The business world seems to revolve around these three.