In the last two weeks. The shares have now dropped 22 percent since the highs were reached in Jan. The problems Apple are facing are not expected. When a completely new product comes out the transition is difficult. The Intel Mac was undoubtedly rushed to market and there will be some problems. Everyone wants to buy the powerbook but we all want someone else to buy it first and tell us how great it is. I have yet to see one nor hear anyone that has purchased one. My family owns 20 plus Macs and have not ordered a new one because I don’t want to introduce it to the network until I am sure it works wonderfully with no problems. I did the same with Tiger. I have said in my trading logs I think the 2007 leaps are a good buy and will be buying more. I have been selling the Feb calls to help pay for them (or offset the losses) lately because I feel the first quarter is going to be tough. I will continue this trading until I hear the first signs of happy customers. Some quick positives, the video ipods are selling much better than anyone expected and there are more products going to be introduced very soon including the video express and the new ibooks.