The days of your vulture-claw grip on a rollerball mouse from 1998 are screeching to a halt. Apple unveiled their newest peripheral dvice, the Apple Magic Trackpad. And, surprise, it works almost exactly like the trackpads that are already on Macbooks, it’s just bigger and with slightly different functionality.

Designed to be used with a desktop, the Apple Magic Trackpad is wireless (requires charging) and will work up to 30 feet from your computer. It costs $70, and has all the features of a normal trackpad – the one-botton click, the Multi-Touch gestures, pinch, rotate, and four-finger scrolling also. It has one additional, 3-finger gestures which can be used to move windows around, as well. The pad’s area is 80 percent larger than Macbook pads, it’s got glasss corners, an aluminum shell, and you can buy it from Apple right here