“2007 will be the 30th aniversary of Apple Computer and to celebrate we will be bringing out a special “woodie” version of all of our most popular products” Could this be a headline for 2007? It is most likely not going to happen but what a great idea it would be. Apple could make a very limited edition of an ipod, a laptop, and an iMac and sell them as functional collectors items. It would be a perfect way to honor the first computer they sold that was only a board and had to have a box built by the purchaser. The most famous of which were made of wood. All three products have been made before as seen in these photos and of course Apple could do a much better job than any of these guys. Apple if you are reading (somehow I doubt they are) I will allow you to take my idea and run with it. I only ask for a few Steve Jobs autographs on one of the anniversary “woodies”. P.S. Even though the woodie came out in 1976 the official incorporation is 1977.