There is such a thing as a flannel paux. Don’t act surprised. You know you’ve rocked some flannel when it’s completely unseemly. The cover of Lumberjack Monthly? Fine. Your engagement photo in the local newspaper? I mean, just about any sane woman would call it off. So here are the times flannel is not only fitting, it’s recommended.

1. Cabin Getaway
Just as surely as you want her draped in it come morning, flannel is the wood-toting must for any getaway to the mountains wherein you’re feeding a raging fire on a snowy night, or even just tooling around on a snowmobile for hours beforehand.

2. Snowman Assembly
Flannel is the look for all snow-related activity, from making a snowman to, heck, just shoveling it off your front steps and creating a path to the 4-wheel drive! It always pops when she goes the Boomerang route for Instagram too, by the way.

3. Retro Concert
Taking in Pearl Jam at the Garden? Or maybe even some Foo Fighters in an arena pretty much anywhere? Bring along that thin flannel shirt to tie around your waist and truly recapture the 90s. Plus, you’ll have it handy for the gal who may get a chill.

4. Travel
Flannel is ideal travel wear. A predominantly white flannel (keeping in mind that not all flannel need be plaid) goes with pretty much everything. And when you’re alternating between warm and cool temps, wanting to not only feel comfortable but also move comfortably, flannel rocks.

5. Layering
Flannel is almost always welcome when simply peeking out from beneath a nice sweater, the collar adding a bit of pizzazz to an otherwise humdrum outfit, especially when going for a preppy look. If things get turned up a notch with a football game out front, a la Wedding Crashers, that flannel can get untucked too.

6. Beach
Sound crazy? Again, stop thinking your standard-issue lumberjack flannel. A light, breezy flannel can go a long way on an equally long beach day. And if you’re a constant motion type of beach guy, from volleyball to surfing, you’re probably going to need something for that bonfire action come sunset.

7. Pajama-Themed Party
This one is a no-brainer, and there doesn’t have to be a party involved, either. Flannel is the perfect PJ and has been for ages. That said, they can be too warm for many guys, so think ahead when it comes to purchasing a pair for sleeping or party purposes. The former will necessitate a thinner cotton, and the latter something much more durable.

8. Yardwork
East Coast or West, flannel is best. The Midwest too, of course. Whether you’re raking leaves, tending to crops, riding the John Deere, or tackling any work around the house, this is the appropriate garb. Refer to any Willie Nelson album cover for tips.