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There are a lot of cities that offer major attractions, but almost all require you to dig into your wallet and pay intermediate or high prices if you want to participate or see what’s going on. However, there are a few exceptions and St. Louis is one of them. While the four sites listed below will give you plenty of opportunity to spend your money on souvenirs and “extras,” you can get in for nothing and enjoy a great day with your family.


Saint Louis Zoo

This is one of the most well-known and respected zoos in the world housing more than 6,000 animals. Among the most popular exhibits are the Jungle of the Apes and The River’s Edge. Elephants, cheetahs and hyenas are featured in The River’s Edge. The Living World Center is an educational exhibit designed to show man’s relationship to  animals in his world. The Insectarium gives an unusual and detailed look at the diverse world of insects.


Confluence State Park

You will be able to see the point where two of America’s great rivers—the Mississippi and the Missouri— come together at this beautiful park. The view is breathtaking and you can learn about the nuances of both of these powerful bodies of water at the nearby National Great Rivers Museum.


Anheuser-Busch Brewery

The brewer of Budweiser opens its doors to the public and allows tours of its brewery. You get to see where the beer is made in the brew house, the Clydesdale horses, the lager cellar and you also get to see how the beer is bottled and packaged. Some visitors may think the best part of the tour is a trip to the hospitality room for a free sample.


The St. Louis Art Museum

Detractors of St. Louis probably thumb their noses at the thought of great art in this heartland city, but the St. Louis Art Museum has more than 30,000 exhibits including paintings, sculptures and drawings. The museum offers free tours for children on Sundays and live music along with lectures on Friday nights.