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Thanks Garmin OUCH OXPS

Garmin treated me quite nicely after kicking my ass yesterday. My Etrade short and TASR long did wonderfully as well. Great day. I am out of OptionsXpress because of what happened today. I knew at some time the numbers were going to drop and everyone would jump off the wagon. Well they did toda ...


Breaks between Trading

Here is a funny website called Statue Molestors. I thought I had seen every theme for a website but this is new to me.


Dodge Wastes Millions

On advertising next to the Brangelina photos in People Magazine. Sure I'll bite on the pictures and see what the little superbaby looks like from two beautiful people. They spent the millions on the ads on the assumption that people would look to the next page for a photo and there is their car. Pro ...


I Cant Believe It Bought 100 Jan 07 TASR

It is just too cheap. At $1.70 the opportunity is just too good to pass up. The company has a definite future ahead of it and their stun guns are becoming commonplace. It certainly becomes my riskiest purchase in a while but it could also become my best. I like the future and feel that even thou ...


Ouch!! Garmin Lead Me Back Up

I used a tried and true method of trading that broke today. I rolled some of my leaps in Garmin and moved them to a front month call when the stock price is approaching the 50 day average. I then watch it bounce and roll them back. Well today Garmin broke through and headed down towards the 100 day. ...


Melissa Theuriau is HOT

I don't even care if she can speak English. I now have my new cohost of my new stock show I'm putting together. Melissa Theuriau is a French news reporter and I have no idea what she is saying buy I sure do love the news. She would make a great cohost and I promise people would tune in.


Soccer USA is Embarrassing

I grew up playing soccer. For 17 years I played. I played in Germany, France, and Mexico while representing the US and Chicago. Mine was the first generation that went overseas and competed in the Under 15 and Under 17 leagues competitively. All the adults said the same thing. "The Americans ar ...


Motorcycles are a Russian Roulette

I have no idea why people ride motorcycles. I understand the thrill of the ride itself and do enjoy riding but I have no wish to die. It is not a matter of "if" you will get in an accident but "how bad". I have a wife, daughter, and friends that I enjoy much more than getting on a bike. So far t ...


Garmin is the One

I have talked about many stocks over the last year and have yet another long term stock to add to Celgene, ISRG, and Chipotle. Garmin (GRMN) was discovered not when I took a drive but rather when I took a run. All serious runners will eventually have a forerunner. It is the greatest invention in run ...

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