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Which Beer Will You Buy This Labor Day Weekend?

In the immortal words of those white guys from Brooklyn - "You've gotta fight!. . . for your right! . . . to drink liiiiight beer!" Or at least that's what the beer industry is hoping you'll do this weekend. Say what you want about Light Beer (it's just watered down regular beer, isn't it?), but you can't deny the market for it in the United States, for whatever reason, is huge. In the pa …


Erin Burnett: ‘Great Job With Those Olympics, Boss!’

This week in the Erin Burnett Gazette: The newly crowned ultimate money honey and dress stealer extraordinaire, walked the fine line between kissing her boss' ass and conducting a serious business interview. Of course, she looked amazing doing both. Jeff Zucker, the bald and beautiful President and CEO of NBC Universal, swung by CNBC HQ to answer a few softball (puns!) questions about what a …


Presidential Money: Obamas Speech and McCain Choosing Palin

Obama gave a big time 'party nomination' acceptance speech last night at the Democratic National Convention. He talked tough on McCain and also pointed out the ways he's going to save us all some money. In spite of all that, it looks like McCain's ballsy and brilliant VP choice selection took over all the front page press and brought this race to a new level. And we'll show you why. But f …


Wrapping Gifts With Dollar Bills

The new "most baller" way to give presents is to wrap them in sheets of real US currency. That's exactly what Edwina Rogers, wife of famed Washington lobbyist Ed Rogers, does for all her 'small thank you gifts'. I kid you not. The woman purchases sheets of 32 $1 bills for $55 from the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing's 'moneyfactory' website, and then proceeds to mutilate, cut, and …


Bankers Vs. Consultants: The Showdown

Our man Amit, the author of Damn It Feels Good To Be A Banker and Leveraged Sell-Out, just unleashed the ultimate showdown between Bankers and Consultants. Wall Street's top dogs lay down the sickest rap battle on The Street. Here's a taste: “I might work a hundred-hour week, barely sleep, do some blow off my desk while I make Red Bulls weep. Compared to what you do, my life’s a challe …


George Soros Is A Big Fan Of The Reefer

It's not every day that a famed 78-year-old financial speculator and stock investor single-handedly gets weed on the ballot for legalization. But that's exactly what George Soros accomplished in the state of Massachusetts yesterday. Soros sits on Forbes' list as the 97th richest man in the world with an estimated net worth of over $9 billion. But despite working for the Carlyle Group and foundi …


How To Avoid Overdraft Fees

Your bank charging an overdraft fee is similar to you getting punched in the stomach, then getting robbed. It's something you didn't really want to begin with, but afterwards you're even worse off. Everyone loves their debit cards, but if you're a broke college student or a dude living paycheck to paycheck, you have to be careful with these overdraft charges. There is hope, though. Carmen Wo …


Gas Guzzlers Are Super Cheap These Days

If you're one of those guys who is sick of hearing about 'going green' and 'humans destroying the planet', this may be the perfect time for you to buy a brand new car! The automobile buying trend is clearly heading towards greener, more fuel-efficient vehicles. But for those stuck in the past who want a big truck, you can buy one for real cheap now! Consumer Reports has been tracking the sal …


Damn It Feels Good to Interview a Banker

Let's face it, you suck.  At least compared to Logan from Damn it Feels Good to Be a Banker.  His money, intelligence, and lifestyle is the dream we all have when we are washing our minivan and checking to see if Apple went up $3 in our 401K.  I had the pleasure of interviewing the author, Logan (aka Amit Chatwani of Leveraged SellOut) recently and thought I would share a few of his insightful res …


Living The Good Life While Unemployed

Both the economy and the general mood on Wall Street aren't providing the best working environment for bankers and analysts right now, but would everything be a whole lot better if you were laid off and straight chillin? Sounds like a few young, recently unemployed UBS dudes are having the time of their lives. When you factor in the $405/week of unemployment benefits with the 6 months severa …


Your Ideas About Investing Personified As Midgets And Giants

This cryptic ad for Invesco's PowerShares alludes to the fact that inside every man lies one big idea. What we didn't know is that there also lies within us at least 100 midgets in little suits and ties running around screwing stuff up. Guesses as to what the "big idea about investing" was after the jump: Your Ideas Are Midgets And Giants - Watch more free videos I'm guessing the big ide …


Liz Clamans Fascination With Mutiny and Leopard Print

Liz Claman, 'The Red Fox' of the Fox Business Channel, is taking things to a whole new level. While reporting on all the news surrounding Lehman Brothers CEO, Dick Fuld's potential firing yesterday, Liz spiced up the coverage with two of our favorite things - Historical Naval Mutiny Analogies and Leopard Print! In Liz's blog the metaphors and historical lessons of famous mutinies practically …


The 10 Highest Paid CEOs And Their Most Embarrassing Photos

These brave captains of industry were named by the Associated Press as the 10 highest paid CEOs of 2007 among the S&P 500's largest companies. Obviously, it's an enormous amount of responsibility and requires a tremendous amount of stress to run one of these large institutions, but that doesn't mean we can cut these guys any slack. This list just goes to show that no matter how many million …


Gas Prices Are Too High For Diddys Private Jet

In what must be the most outrageous and surprisingly event in the timeline of high-gas prices, Diddy has revealed in his most recent video blog that he is stuck riding the commercial airlines. Mr. Bad Boy Records himself can no longer afford to fly his own private jet from New York to LA more than twice a month. Prepare to be overcome with sympathy: Despite his shout out to all his Saudi Arab …


CNBC Is Sorry About Those Porn Ads

"Find Hot Girls In Your Area Now!" "2.3 Miles From Your Town!" "You Click For Sexy Chick!" "No Credit Card Required!" Admit it. We've all seen ads like this scrolling across web pages begging for our attention. And if you haven't, you're probably not looking at the right websites. Or maybe you are...? Turns out CNBC was 'mistakenly' selling ad space to a number of these online escor …


7 Types Of NCAA Girls

There’s always a type, you know? Especially when it comes to sports or women. When you combine the two and mix in college, yo, the stereotypes ooze like drool from a sleeping homeless man’s mouth. Yes, the sports are limited when it comes to the fairer sex, but the sports we are exposed to produce a plethora of female NCAA athlete stereotypes. And damn, if some of them don’t get us a little giddy …


Canadian Gangs Now Use Euros, Not Dollars

Who knew mobsters and drug dealers were so financially savvy? I suppose it doesn't take much to realize that the buying power of the Euro these days is a lot stronger than that of our poor greenback, but still, these thugs impress me. Apparently the Canadian government has been tracking 900 organized crime groups within the country and has noticed a general shift in the means of payment for …


The Best Office Chairs Money Can Buy

The Xten office chair was designed by Pininfarina, the same people who thought up the ridiculous pants-creaming features outfitted on Ferraris, Maseratis and Lamborghinis the world over. The initial ergonomic design for this line of chairs was commissioned at a cost of $1.5 million dollars. And although there are more expensive chairs in the world (made of gold and other unnecessary garbage) th …


CNBCs Margaret Brennan Gets A Little Holiday

One of our favorite CNBC Biz Babes escaped from the Englewood Cliffs business dungeon/global HQ and hit up Turks and Caicos, all in the name of business reporting. Making the jump from retail correspondent to full-blown anchor is a big step and a proud achievement. And fortunately for Margaret Brennan, that new responsibility came with a little fun in the sun, short shorts, and some loose-fitti …


Creepy Calvin Klein Ads From The 90s

These Calvin Klein ads from the early 90s really creep me out. They have this strange 'porn star casting' vibe. It really doesn't surprise me that they were pulled from TV after people started complaining.Wouldn't you be pissed off too if these ads interrupted your Doogie Howser viewing party?The casting agent guy constantly sounds like the next thing he's about to say is 'Why don't you take of …


Phelps: “An Old School Aston Martin Would Be Sick!”

Michael Phelps has ensured he'll never have to work again for the rest of his life. His sponsorship endorsements after winning all those gold medals at the Beijing games have basically guaranteed him a life of luxury. So what's the big-eared dolphin looking to spend some of it on? A James Bond car and a house with a big pool. Phelps, the 23-year old bachelor of the year (who has alread …


The Most Marketable Sports Names List: My Moment Of Glory

A few days ago everyone's favorite Sports Business reporter, Darren Rovell of CNBC, enlisted the help of the blog reading public to assist in deciding the most marketable sports names of all time. The debate was initially sparked over Usain 'Lightning' Bolt's incredibly awesome and real name. In addition to now being ubiquitously referred to as the fastest man on the planet, he has a clever/gim …


Wall Street Gets Pranked With Cockroaches

Those crazy Zoo York punks went all 'viral video' on Wall Street to show them . . . who really owns the walls and the streets or something? Wall Street Roaches Prank - Watch more free videos If Wall Street's resident hardass, Citi CEO Vikram Pandit, was around to see this nonsense he would have certainly been inspired to act. I'm pretty sure this whole thing is staged with people acting surprised, …


Trying To Ditch These Damn Hummers

Is it time to say goodbye to America's finest civilian SUV/tank? The Hummer brand is in serious trouble. And its owners, GM (General Motors), are looking to sell the brand of big gas guzzlers to a foreign company. The top brass at GM have recently come out and said the sale isn't a done deal yet, and that they are still analyzing the brand, but some of their other actions contradict that dec …


Erin Burnett Steals Dresses

Not sure if everyone saw this clip already, but I think it's entirely relevant as back up material for yesterday's debate between Erin and Maria. Would Maria Bartiromo have the BALLS to pull of a stunt like this? I think not. Erin Burnett was on Conan O'Brien back in January when she unveiled her bounty from the heist of the century. Video and obscene sexy close-up, along with detailed analy …


I.O.U.S.A. : An Interesting Documentary About Debt?

A new documentary is asking a lot of big questions, but one of the craziest might be 'Will people actually watch a full-blown documentary about debt and money problems?' Not really on par with the excitement level of Crank, is it? But few people realize that things like the subprime crisis, high foreclosure rates and the increasing inflation (causing more expensive groceries and gasoline) are all …


Liz Claman Picks Up Gates And Buffetts Scent

Everyone's favorite red-headed siren, Liz Claman, got quite the scoop yesterday on Bill and Warren's 'Excellent Adventure' in search of Canadian oil money. Here's an excerpt from Liz's blog post about their epic journey: hopped a plane to head north to an oilsands development in Alberta, Canada near Fort McMurray.  Buffett told me he took the trip to “just look around and learn a little” abou …


Seinfeld Cant Make Microsoft Cool, But They’re Trying Really Hard

Looks like Microsoft is planning a big new ad campaign featuring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld joking around about how awesome Microsoft products are. Is that not the lamest thing you've ever heard? Don't get me wrong, I like Seinfeld and I even liked Bee Movie a lot. Everyone can agree he's a genius that's still funny and relevant today, even if he was kind of a dick to Larry King. But obvi …


What NOT To Do With A High-End Prostitute

Ever since the Eliot Spitzer scandal, the story of the high-end prostitute has been on the tip of everyone's tongue. I wouldn't be surprised if a major motion picture came out sometime in the next few years with a similar story. Actually, that should probably be a definite. Next month, Radar Magazine has an intense 5-page feature story coming out written by a young woman in New York named Jessi …


Does Erin Burnett Have The Staying Power?

In doing some important 'business news research' today, I came across a strange interview where the President of Fox News, Roger Ailes, went on what could best be described as a 'sexiness debate' over Erin Burnett (left) and Maria Bartiromo. As we all know, this is an age old debate that will sooner ruin close friendships before getting settled once and for all. Is Erin Burnett the new hottest …