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Tastes Nothing Like Chicken: The Worlds Nastiest Foods

I'm sure people from Vietnam think American bologna is awful but I am going to have to say that even a few beers couldn't make these things taste good Deep Fried Bat I know you think these are deep fried baby aliens but actually these are "kabog", or deep fried bat. A real treat in the Philippin ...


Ten Reasons Why Brides Wear Veils

Going straight to Hell for this post. And one last one. I call this one "She makes me look good" If any of these picture are yours and would like them taken down. First of all "I'm sorry" in more ways than one and two, email me and I will.  


Why Does Steve Jobs Have to Be Such a Douche About Autographs?

I completely understand not wanting to sign autographs all the time. He has work to do. He has to help run Apple and Pixar and constantly keep ahead of the cool curve in the world of technology. What I don't understand is the he will NEVER sign autographs and gives you a "kiss my ass" when he tells ...


A Look At Some of the Financial Losers

Great article over at NY Magazine. Think you took a hit this month? They took a look at the some of the biggest losers. Cash of the Titans You can’t lose a fortune unless you have it in the first place. By Duff McDonald 1 Comment | Add Yours 00 Comments | Add Yours // P ...


We Need a New Ben As the Head of the Federal Reserve: Ben Stein

Ben Bernanke is a very intelligent man but unfortunately he's scared of Wall Street. After getting pushed around by the markets the last few months I would like to officially nominate Ben Stein for the New Federal Reserve Chairman. Here are 5 Reasons Why 5. He has no problem telling Alan Greenspa ...


7 Disturbing Trends for 2008

7. Computerized voices on all the new songs If I hear another T-Pain song again I am going to fill my ears with that foam stuff that fills cracks and insulates. There are still people on the radio that can actually sing but they are being surrounded by computerized people that can't sing. I love Sn ...


31 Year Old Trader Loses His Bank $7.9 Billion yes Billion

Nope this isn't Nick Leeson, this is some other "in just a little too deep" trader named Jerome Kerveil. Mr Kerveil lost the company he trades for Societe General, which in French means "bank that is broke", $4.9 billion Euros which is $7.18 Billion dollars. It was uncovered over the last few day ...


Edward Lazear Chimes In On Economic Stimulus

I'm not sure if I agree with Mr. Lazear but then again I am jealous I won't get any free moneyEDWARD LAZEAR TELLS FOX BUSINESS NETWORK THAT IF AMERICA WAITS TO TAKE ACTION IT COULD BE TOO LATECourtesy of Fox BusinessIn a television interview with FOX Business Network’s Neil Cavuto, Edward Laz ...


A Little Help for Vegas

I am heading to Las Vegas with my brother next weekend so I had to do some research on proper terminology if I wish to properly experience the Las Vegas nightlife. Here is a Strip Club Glossary that should come in handy. I will be taping it to my arm like a third string quarterback's playlist.ATM ...


The Amazing Sand Art of Jim Denevan

Remember when you wrote your name in the sand at the beach and the water came up and washed it away? Now imagine spending all day on it and then having it washed away. This is the art of Jim Devevan. Jim uses a stick and a rake to create the beautiful work pictured below. Jim's art only lives throug ...


I Can Now Enjoy Wallstreet Warriors

MOJO has done the right thing. They've come back with a new season of Wall Street Warriors. I say the right thing because the first season made me gag watching Tim Sykes' lame ass trying to prove to the world how cool he is. Now that they have him off the show I can sit back and enjoy the new "chara ...


Breaking News: Heath Ledger Dies of Overdose

According to the New York TimesThe actor Heath Ledger was found dead this afternoon in an apartment building at 421 Broome Street in SoHo, according to the New York City police. Mr. Ledger was 28. At 3:31 p.m., a masseuse arrived at Apartment 5A in the building for an appointment with Mr. Ledger, t ...


7 Ways To Survive and Thrive in an Upcoming Recession

Based on the thoughts of Ben Stein and Myself1. Keep investing in the market:History has proven that investing during recessions has paid off well. In fact it is one of the best times to invest for the long term. Keeping a little more that normal in cash and adding a little gold to the portfolio ...


The Amazing Gardens of Pearl Fryar, Evergreen Surrealist

In 1984 Pearl Fryar decided he wanted to win the "Yard of the Month" in his town of Bishopville, South Carolina. So he grabbed his shears and decided to start shaping some of the evergreens on his 3 acre lot. Twenty three years later and many "Yard of the Month" awards later, Pearl has created on th ...


Donald Trump May Not Be Wrong

DONALD TRUMP TELLS FOX BUSINESS NETWORK THATBEN BERNANKE “MISSED A GREAT OPPORTUNITY”Courtesy Fox BusinessIn a television interview with FOX Business Network’s Neil Cavuto, Donald Trump talks about the state of the US economy and how Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke missed a ...


Mechanic vs Doctor

A mechanic was removing a cylinder-head from the motor of a Dodge SRT-4 when he spotted a well-known cardiologist in his shop.The cardiologist was there waiting for the service manager to come take a look at his car when the mechanic shouted across the garage "Hey Doc, want to take a look at this?"T ...


Everything I Know About Money I Read on Walls

I think this confirms the coming recession if God is falling behind on his payments Broke In the hood it means steal, in the suburbs it translates to "if someone at the country club offers you a tip, take it" No, but can you pay your rent with 5 Way Chili and Mister Misty Float? In the h ...


Did You Get the $100 Oil Press Release?

“Bring it on…” and We’re Not Worried. Those were two of the signature phrases CNBC used with the press when FBN launched. Unfortunately CNBC hasn’t quite been able to back up this verbal bravado, which continues to be overshadowed by what some insiders are calling ââ ...


Yet Another Reason To Watch Womens Tennis: Tamira Paszek

While perhaps not the best looking girl on the tennis circuit, 17 year old (be careful here fellas, the guy from Dateline is monitoring this post) Tamira Paszek displayed what we can only hope is the future of tennis. A very skimpy plunging neckline top. To the delight of many and the "oh my goodnes ...


4 Letter .coms Are The New Big Investment

Those of you that have followed my site over the last few years have known that I think domain names are hot property. The latest beachfront are 4 letter .coms. The 3 letter .coms that went for 3-5 thousand dollars two years ago now sell from 8 thousand up. Even junk ones sell for that low range. No ...


Bye Bye Lindsay I Barely Knew Ya

Today is an exciting day. Today Wallstrip is getting a new host named Julia. Lindsay and Howard helped mold Wallstrip into the show it is today. But as many of you here know, I wasn't a big fan of Lindsay's. I think I will enjoy the transition and now will be able to go back daily. An actor usually ...


11 Interesting Pictures That Look Photo Shopped But Arent

All of the photos below are exactly as the shots were taken. Although it's hard to believe (and many won't anyway) but they are untouched. This is done using a large mirror with a hole to put your head through. Then focus the camera on just the mirror. Simple, who doesn't have a huge mirror with a ...


The Wall Street Daily Links Thursday

Top 20 Internet Millionaires Under 30 How to make a billion dollar burrito Bad Business: Network Solutions is registrar and they are stealing all the domain names. Wrong Wrong Amazing street photography from Matt Stuart The Most Powerful Woman on the planet gives a rare interview. No, no ...


You’re Gonna Get Keyed: 8 Parking No Nos

It's a pretty simple concept. There are lines marked on the ground that help guide one driver into one said location in which to leave our vehicle. As I was so kindly reminded by the guy taking two spots at the store today, it seems many people didn't get the friendly "How to Park" guide at the loca ...


Transition to Clean

Bye Bye busy site with 50 million ads and 400 links and pics all over the side We're shaving 'er down and making her clean. Over the next few weeks you'll almost everything disappear except the content. That will continue to improve as we are in the process of hiring new writers. Hell, we may even c ...

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